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Adapter for Quik Drive System

An adapter is required to connect any drywall screwdriver motor to a Quik Drive attachment or extension pole.

There are a variety of adapters available to suit most drywall screwdrivers. The table below shows which model adapter is suitable for which particular screwdriver motor.

Quik Drive Adapter

  • Material

    • Aluminum


    • Allen key included
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Suitable for most drywall screwdriver motors



    For Use With

    • All Quik Drive attachments to connect to screwdriver motor
  • References Compatible Screwdriver Motor (Corded) Compatible Screwdriver Moter (Cordless)
    ABO1E-RC Bosch® GSR 6-25, GSR 6-45 Bosch® GSR 10,8V-EC, GSR 18V-EC TE
    ABOE-RC Wurth® SBR6-E -
    AHIE-RC Hitachi® W8VB, W8VB2, W6VB2, W6VB3, W6VA3, W6VA4, W6V3, W6V4, W6VM Metabo® SE18LTX25000, SE18LTX4000, SE18LTX6000
    AHT2E-RC Hilti® SF4000, SD2500, SD5000, SD6000 Hilti® SF4000A, SD5000A
    AMA9E-RC Makita® FS2300, FS2500, FS4000, FS43000, FS6300 Makita® BFS451, DFS250, DFS251, DFS451, DFS452
    AMAE-RC Makita® 6822 - 6824 -
    AHI1E-RC - Hitachi® WH18DL/DM
    AHTE-RC Hilti® ST1800, ST2500 Hilti® ST1800-A22
    DWA7G2 - DeWalt® DCF620N, DCF621N

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