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The QDBPC19EF is a Quik Drive attachment designed specifically for use with the MTHZ19E 19mm flooring screw. The slim design of the nose piece makes it possible to get closer in to any corners and tight edges during the installation of screws. It has self locking depth adjustment to allow for consistent countersinking of screws.  Using the approriate Quik Drive adapter allows for the attachment to be connected either direct to a suitable driver unit or to an extension pole. The extension pole allows for the system to be used in a 'stand up and drive' manner eliminating the need for bending, stretching and crouching. Quik Drive attachments are manufactured containing PTFE to reduce friction and impart non-stick properties meaning that no lubrication is required.

Quik Drive 19mm Flooring Screw Attachment - QDBPC19EF

  • Material

    • Manufactured containing PTFE
    • No lubrication required


    • Connects easily with screw gun adapter or extension
    • Possible 360° rotation of attachment on adapter or extension
    • Self-lubricating material for long life and smooth operation
    • Self-locking depth adjustment for consistent countersinking of screws


    Common Applications

    • Finish flooring
    • Fixing 6mm plywood
    • Suitable for use with MTHZ19E screws only
  • QDBPC19EF Quik Drive attachment, mandrel, #2 square long driver bit, belt hook.

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